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RebelBetting is known as the world’s most popular sure betting service, with a customer base of over 125 thousand betters. The company offers value betting and sure betting services. Both of which total nearly 1 million combined odds processed per minute. With 11 years in the industry and a growing selection of service options to choose from, RebelBetting is a sure betting force to be reckoned with.

Even so, many people don’t know much about RebelBetting, what value betting is, or what sure betting is. As such, here I am to create a RebelBetting review of their services and provide some information on what exactly the company’s services consist of. So, let’s get started.

What is RebelBetting Value Betting?

Value betting is one of the most misunderstood aspects of online betting. Luckily, RebelBetting offers services to help simplify the entire process without needing to dumb it down. Even still, without much research, it might still prove pretty complicated. 

What is Value Betting?

Let’s think of it this way: value betting is betting on odds that don’t reflect the correct information. RebelBetting has a great example involving a coin toss. While there are obviously only two equal outcomes, either heads or tails, with a 50% chance each, some bookmakers may offer higher returns on one option over the other. There’s a perfectly equal chance for you to win, no matter the circumstances, although a bookmaker may have odds of 2.1 for heads vs 2.0 for tails.

While the odds are still equal, this bookmaker has a higher return based on a lower chance for heads to win. In reality, though, there’s an equal chance, meaning that you’ll receive higher returns than the bet should actually provide. That’s a value bet, meaning that incorrectly adjusted bets’ lower chances can be chosen and profited from.

RebelBetting provides some of the best value betting out there, even though it can be oftentimes hard to find a bet which can provide value. After all, most people are capable of realizing that heads and tails have the same probability. Even still, there’s the occasional mix up, wrong calculation or recording issue that allows a value bet to appear.

ValueBetting Examples

Yup, in addition to minor mistakes allowing value bets, there is also updating mistakes that allow you to profit. For example, if a key player for a team is injured, but current bets have the team winning the game. If that site doesn’t update bets in time, you can bet for the expected losing team to win, as their odds are now much higher than before. Now that the team’s more likely to win, you risk less money and have the potential to profit further in the long run. It’s really quite a great service, as RebelBetting value bets are really good at detecting these little changes that can affect a bet’s chances. After all, there’s always going to be little issues in the books which can be profited from with RebelBetting’s value betting.

What are RebelBetting Sure Bets?

RebelBetting’s second service offered is SureBetting, which provides a less risky way of profiting. While both value and sure betting is way lower risk than the most popular betting options, there’s obviously always some risk. Sure bets help to almost completely counteract that little risk, by taking advantages of some differences between betting books.

With RebelBetting’s sure bets (or sports arbitrage betting), you can profit on both sides of a bet, allowing a win literally every single time you bet. While the returns are lower than value betting on average, the compound ability of profiting on nearly every bet more than makes up for it in the long run. 

Doing the Impossible

Sure betting usually isn’t very easy to accomplish, although RebelBetting has developed a way to hop aboard these few-minute-long opportunities. For those of you who don’t know, sure betting is a way of betting that allows you to profit off of mismatched betting chances. These opportunities appear nearly every second, although they disappear in just about the same amount of time.

On occasion, updated bets are different across bookmakers, creating an opportunity for a sure bet. These bets allow somebody, like me or you, to bet on two sides of an event, with high odds on both sides. For example, most sites and books hold relatively similar odds on one side of something. On occasion, though, an influx of bets may push one site to temporarily move odds to another side, although the other book may not reflect that change.

Split Thinking

That’s where RebelBetting review comes in, analyzing these opportunities and quickly allowing you to profit off of them. Their servers run through thousands of odds, determining an event where the two sides may be swapped across two books. These opportunities only last for a few minutes, meaning that while they could technically be accomplished by a normal person, it’s incredibly difficult. RebelBetting’s services are really useful in the way that they immediately alert you to one of these opportunities. 

Then, all you have to do is tell RebelBetting that you want to take advantage of this sure bet, and you’ll profit. At least, unless there’s a change in the meantime that readjusts the odds. The vast majority of time though, if you take advantage of a RebelBetting alert, you’ll profit with virtually no risk.

What Returns Can You Get from RebelBetting?

The returns from a RebelBetting service varies wildly. I can definitely imagine yourself asking, “is RebelBetting any good?” Yes. Even though you’re dealing with betting, which is usually quite a risky endeavor, RebelBetting turns it into a high-returning investment. There are still quite a few factors on your returns though, including:

  • Your subscription cost
  • Initial investment
  • Value vs sure betting
  • Time with RebelBetting open
  • Number of value bets placed per day

ValueBetting Returns

Like I said, there are quite a few different variables to determine how much you’d make in returns from RebelBetting’s options. Luckily though, the company offers a value betting returns calculator on their website, allowing you to see just how much you’d be expected to make.

According to the website though, Value Betting users can expect a return on investment (ROI) of about 30% per month, which is frankly quite incredible. In addition, there’s a proven yield of about 3%, which means a 3% profit per bet.

This might seem sort of impossible if you consider the standard monthly return of, say, the S&P 500, (0.53%). Even still, it’s more than possible. Think of gambling in general. You run high risks for the chance of high returns. Averaging everything out, you’re left with an average negative loss. With RebelBetting, you essentially remove the dramatic risks by focusing on underestimated odds. 

While the average bettor might focus on betting just a few times a month or years, settling with minor gains, by betting often, these minor gains keep stacking. Remember, a 3% gain per bet can be accomplished on bets happening dozens of times per day.

SureBetting Returns

ValueBetting is pretty similar to RebelBetting’s SureBetting, although in a slightly different way. In comparison to the stock market, which most adults are invested in (in one form or another), sure betting is dividend reinvestment compared to ValueBetting as value stock investment. Dividend investing might return less upfront, although in the long run, the steady income helps bolster some pretty hefty returns. Value investing, on the other hand, gives you the potential for larger gains, although with some potential further downside. You won’t know whether it’s a value trap or a good deal.

In a way, that’s ValueBetting vs sure betting. It’s not as dramatic of a difference though, as you can expect gains either way. Sure betting’s definitely more of a long-term, accreting-gains focused strategy. According to RebelBetting’s website, you can expect around 10-20% monthly gains for sure betting. While that’s between 33-66% lower than ValueBetting returns, you almost entirely remove risk.

Either way, just remember that both of these are monumental compared to the 0.53% monthly return from the S&P 500, the benchmark of standard investments.

Profit Guarantee

Although there’s a near 100% chance for you to make a profit eventually, it can take some time. As such, RebelBetting offers a quite underrated guarantee called their Profit Guarantee. 

If you couldn’t guess, it guarantees you a profit. As RebelBetting has been in the game for quite a while, I’d bet that they’ve received quite a few complaints about profitability, especially with the fact that the majority of their services cost money (check below for more information). They offer this guarantee to ensure that you’ll eventually make a profit on their services.

To fit their requirements for this, all you have to do is place 500 value bets or 50 sure bets. Log and grade these bets. Use their built-in stake and max-bet sizing, copy bet details, and not profit in your first month. They’ll hand you a free month for every negative month after that. It’s frankly quite nice, as saving 100 odd dollars a month for a (hopefully) brief and minor negative return is quite a good feature.

Most other reviews I’ve seen of their services haven’t had any issues with profitability. Although I guess the odds are still there, although freakishly tiny. This Profit Guarantee really ties into the whole “is the service legit question,” and it really guarantees a good experience no matter your result with the service.

How Much Does RebelBetting Cost?

As hinted earlier, RebelBetting has a surprisingly varied selection of pricing. I know for a lot of people, there’s one major question that may affect their decision as to whether or not to use RebelBetting. As such, yes, there is a RebelBetting free version.

*All of the following options come with RebelBetting’s quite underappreciated Profit Guarantee, meaning that if you don’t profit your first month, the service is free the next month, and so on and so forth*

RebelBetting Free

The company’s free version offers their really underrated RebelBetting platform. In addition to being able to try out value betting, sure betting, and match betting for two weeks, there’s a forever free version of RebelBetting’s sure betting. With the ability to be run in free mode, RebelBetting’s software allows you to pick bets with arbitrage up to 0.6%.

Other than the fact that your gains are limited, the version is completely identical to their paid versions. According to RebelBetting’s website, they provide the only service with free arbitrages. In addition, their free trials allow access to higher arbitrage or more services for a limited time. I really like RebelBetting’s free version, as it allows people, such as myself, to take a look at their services without worrying about a subscription that costs money. It’s nice.

RebelBetting Sure Betting

In addition to a free version of RebelBetting’s sure bets, there is a paid version with quite a few more tricks up its sleeve. Also known as RebelBetting Pro, this option allows you to view as many sure bets as the company’s servers have available, with no limit on arbitrage or potential returns.

This is the best option for people with more than €1500 (or about $1800) available for invested capital. There are four different pricing options for the service, although the only difference is the period of access to the company’s SureBetting service. Otherwise, they’re all literally the exact same:

  • 1 Week | €39
  • 1 Month | €129
  • 6 Months | €97 per month (€581)
  • Annual Subscription | €999

As another add-on to RebelBetting Free, there’s the company’s RebelBetting Lite which is best for people with less than €1500 to invest. While there’s still complete access to 10-20% profits per month and all arbitrage percentages, there is a limit on the bets you can choose from. Lite restricts your bets to those having been around for 30 minutes or more. It’s meant to capture more stable bets, although it all depends.

RebelBetting Value Betting

ValueBetting is an exclusively paid for option, with no free version available. It’s literally the exact service that was mentioned above in the ‘What is RebelBetting ValueBetting?’ section.

There are two service options, ValueBetting Starter and Pro:

  • ValueBetting Starter | €79 per month | average ROI of 30% per month
  • ValueBetting Pro | €149 per month | doubles the number of value bets, in addition to adding exchange, sharps, and broker options.

Is RebelBetting Legit and Is RebelBetting Safe?

Legit Returns

  • In addition to a profit guarantee, RebelBetting actually holds really good results. While their services only promise around a 3% yield on the average bet, the average reviewer pushed 3.5%, 4%, or even higher. With returns nearing several hundred percent after a few months, it’s really quite an interesting service.
  • It’s completely understandable to be doubtful of a service promising this much, although it’s genuine. The company profits off of your subscriptions, meaning that they really don’t have much reasoning to provide you with a lesser quality service. In addition, value betting and sure betting isn’t that difficult. Well, it is for a human, although not if you have established data collected over several years and several hundred thousand bets.
  • While the reviews on Trustpilot aren’t the most promising, the site generally attracts people who have a bone to pick. If you even Google “is RebelBetting legit?”, you’ll find more than enough professional opinions that disagree with those questions. I personally put my support behind the company, as this is a business model that works and provides genuine returns to its customers. So, yes, RebelBetting is legit, and a pretty generous service at that.


  • RebelBetting is quite the safe service, and even more credible if you take a look at their privacy policy. There have been no reports of any scams, hacks, leaks, or anything else involving data at RebelBetting. Nor have I had any experience with viruses, malicious ads, or really anything that would make me doubt their security online.
  • According to RebelBetting’s website, the company collects your username, email, password, and IP. The company does have connections to your payment methods whenever you purchase a product. Although they have no access to the data, as it’s exclusively and only viewed by payment gateways.
  • Clarobet AB, the company’s parent corporation, does not sell or trade the limited personal information they have, send unsolicited emails, collect computer information, or take advantage of your information within their services. I mean, their privacy policy even states that they only view your information to connect you to their bookmakers, ensuring encryption and that you’re you.

RebelBetting vs BetBurger

BetBurger is likely RebelBetting’s largest competitor, and I felt it would be best to end off this review with a quick comparison between their services.

Both RebelBetting and BetBurger offer sure and value betting, with multiple tiers of service access. According to the RebelBetting review, the software is a decent bit cheaper, starting at either €0 per month, or €79 (depending on which service you’re looking at). BetBurger starts at €99.99, around €20 more expensive. That’s completely ignoring RebelBetting’s Free version as well, as BetBurger only offers a free trial.

In addition, RebelBetting allows access to nearly 100 bookmakers, while BetBurger only offers around 80 to bet from. RebelBetting also holds 11 fully-fledged sport categories to pick from, with virtually every league and subdivision available to bet from. BetBurger’s services are also less intuitive and more chaotic.

RebelBetting has also helped over 25% more customers than BetBurger. The real thing everyone cares about though is ROI, which has RebelBetting nearly doubling the return from BetBurger. With a one-month period from last year, customers reported a return of around 20% for BetBurger, while others’ returns from RebelBetting was upwards of 40%.


Of course, you’ll have to see RebelBetting’s services for your own to decide. Luckily though, you have their Free version or 14-day free trial to base your conclusion off of. I personally believe their SureBetting and ValueBetting services were more than fantastic, providing some real returns with little to no risk.

The fact that we’re to the point where a company such as RebelBetting can provide such high returns and low risk from betting, a notoriously risky hobby, is quite incredible to me. I can say without a doubt, that prior to my experience dealing with RebelBetting, I hadn’t entirely been captivated by the concept of betting as an investment. I’ve definitely gone back on that decision though and might use the service for myself as a long-term endeavor. We’ll have to see through.

Overall though, I think RebelBetting offers some incredible services, and is well worth checking out for some low-risk, high-rewarding investing through their value and sure betting services.

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