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OddStorm is ‘the oldest arbitrage service on the market,' according to Sure.bet, one of the top betting communities, having launched back in 2006. For those of you not too familiar with the company, it's one of the leading (and oldest) arbitrage services in the market, letting you treat gambling as an investment with more intelligent betting. What sets apart this established player from some of the newer ones is its ‘fastest SureBets' software, which is supposed to give you new bets in under a second.

If you're not too enveloped in the arbitrage market or even the betting industry as a whole, you might not be too familiar with OddStorm or any of its services. Even if you are, though, it's understandable to want to get to know a service without getting too enveloped in it. Either way, that's why this OddStorm review exists, so let's get into it.

What is OddStorm?

OddStorm, according to its website, is a company made by highly motivated sports experts, developers, and consultants.' They also say their goal as a dedicated team is to bring high-quality, unique services to the internet to become one of the best odds services on the internet. OddStorm offers a variety of services placed into one of two categories: PreMatch and InPlay.

These would include SureBets, Middles, Polish Middles, Odds, and Asian Lines, all of which are built directly into the OddStorm software. The company lets you pick on arbitrage (sure betting) bets and value bets to make almost guaranteed income from betting through this software. OddStorm sells its software's access as a subscription service, although there is also a free version that lets you view the service like the most providers like BetBurger and etc.

The company also positions itself as an independent source of betting within the market, relying on its services instead of selling positions to bookmakers. OddStorm also focuses on providing quality and customization over a wide variety of features, which could either be incredibly useful or useless depending on how you like your services arranged. Either way, though, OddStorm tries to fit itself as a customer-first company within the industry, which has helped it survive 15 years of increasing competition.

What services does OddStorm offer?





Polish Middles

Asian Lines


What is OddStorm SureBets, and how does it work?

But how does sure betting work?

Too good to be true?

What is OddStorm software, and is it good?

Design and Layout


What plans does OddStorm offer?

  • PreMatch
    • €155/month
  • InPlay
    • €195/month
  • PreMatch + InPlay
    • €295/month

VIP Plus:

  • PreMatch
    • €250/month
  • InPlay
    • €290/month
  • PreMatch + InPlay
    • €390/month

VIP vs. VIP Plus

Free vs. Subscribed

  • OddStorm Web and Windows App in accessible mode
  • SureBets from -0.01% to 1.1% for training
  • Instant delivery of SureBets, Middles, Odds, and History
  • Comparisons
  • Tips and tricks
  • Priority e-mail support

  • Web and Windows App with all tournaments and teams
  • SureBets from -1% to 300%
  • Fast scanning at 1-3 seconds for InPlay and 15 seconds for PreMatch
  • Define permanent Bookmaker Sets
  • Unique cross-market bets
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Live Chat and Skype support

Is OddStorm safe and legit?

Website Security


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