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BetOnValue is one of a few long-standing online odds comparison sites, having held copyright since 2000. For those of you not too familiar with BetOnValue, they're an ‘online odds comparison system'. It takes bets from 84 bookmakers and compares to find who has the best odds. So, whether it's because you want to bet on one team specifically, or you want to see the highest return arbitrage bet, BetOnValue has you covered. While their website isn't nearly as up-to-date as some of their competitors, it indeed gets everything done in a slick way. So, let's get started with this BetOnValue review!

What is BetOnValue?

BetOnValue is one of the oldest odds comparison sites and arbitrage sites out there. They offer about four significant services, including a comparing odds tool, accounting tool, and SureBets and ValueBets services. You can gain access to all the company's software with a free account. Although with a standard list of bookmarkers or a 20-minute delay on SureBets and ValueBets.

Of course, with a free version, that means the company has a paid version. It is available for either €50 or €125 per month, depending on whether you want BetOnValue's Silver or Gold subscription. We'll go a little more into detail on the pricing and what's included in their subscription later. Although it's important to know that there is one. Anyway, through BetOnValue plans, you gain access to over 80 bookmakers (although I've seen over 170 in other reviews) on a service holding over 2.7 million total bets. It's awe-inspiring, and it helps to show just how established the company has been over the last 21 years.

No matter your subscription, though, you gain access to the company's SureBets and ValueBets software. These are designed around arbitrage betting, which lets you bet on mismatched odds to earn money. Yet again, we'll go a little more in-depth in a little bit, as this section is just about the company. You can access SureBets and ValueBets through BetOnValue's website with just a free subscription. Their services are beneficial, and with their position as a long-standing leader in the arbitrage market, they're very respectable as well.

What is a BetOnValue SureBet?

SureBets is one of BetOnValue's significant services. As a sure betting software, it allows you to accumulate profits across dozens of bets over time. As a result, it's much more of an investment strategy compared to regular betting or gambling. For those of you not familiar with sure betting, it's a way that uses odds and statistics to ensure that you almost always receive a profit on your bets.

How Sure Betting (Arbitrage) Works

Always Winning

What is a BetOnValue ValueBet?

How Value Betting Works

A Little Bit More Risk, a Lot More Profit

An Uneven Coin

What Odds Does BetOnValue Provide?

  1. Football
  2. Tennis
  3. Basketball
  4. Ice Hockey
  5. Handball
  6. American Football
  7. and several leading eSports to bet on.

How Much Does BetOnValue Cost?

Free Plan

  • Standard bookmakers like bet365
  • SureBets on a 20-minute delay
  • ValueBets on a 20-minute delay
  • Accounting
  • Bookmaker customization
  • Max returns of 1% for SureBets 

Silver Plan

  • Free Plan
  • All online bookmakers, BetOnline included
  • SureBets on a 3-minute delay
  • ValueBets on a 3-minute delay
  • SureBets from exchanges

Gold Plan

  • Silver Plan
  • Instant SureBetting
  • Instant ValueBets

How Useful is BetOnValue's Software?


Additional Features

Is BetOnValue Safe and Legit?


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